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Art September 27, 2005

Posted by BiB in Uncategorized.

I am enjoying the way the blog is instructing me to take its own course. I suppose when starting out, you have whatever funny, queer intentions you half-have and think, ‘My blog will do this, and say this, and be like this.’ Well, with time, your blog settles into itself, and into you, and you understand what you want from the bastard. And I’ve realised that what I want from mine is for it to be – apart from a dogging diary – an alternative way of getting to my ‘favourites’, for it to be a quick reference point for nice things I want to look at, i.e. other blogs, the occasional nice picture, tennis websites etc., without having to trawl through all the dreary sites I also store under ‘favourites’ for practical purposes (banks, job websites, technical stuff for the beyond-redemption translator). So now I am combining dogging diary with occasional nice picture – well, link to nice picture – by sharing with the world an artist who has randomly entered my life. A few works by Mr. Yurlov/Iurlov/Юрлов can be seen here.



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