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Anti-Lukashenka walk September 27, 2005

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For anyone who feels like combining a bit of a stroll (or it may be a brisk walk, depending on the participants’ constitution) with a bit of anti-Lukashenka activity, there’s a 12km – lazy folk can be happy they’ve gone metric on this occasion – strut in London on October 15th, more details of which can be found here and here. I suppose Belarus may not be on everyone’s political abuse hotspot radar screen, but for those of you with a feline curiosity for nasty goings-on in the world of politics but less than a thorough background in affairs post-Soviet, Lukashenka is a straightforwardly nasty piece of work – no dilemma, no mitigating circumstances. Just a boorish fool with a whole country to ruin, and he’s doing a fine job of it. (The site advertising this walk, incidentally, appears to be a very good round-up of what all the post-Soviet ne’er-do-wells are up to.)



1. Volodymyr Campaign - September 27, 2005

Thanks very much for your support!

2. Broke in Berlin - September 28, 2005

Only too happy to help publicise a good cause. All the best for the 15th.

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