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Ossie iconography September 23, 2005

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Just to prove I’m not a wicked old Commie-hater (at least where aesthetics are concerned), I simply had to upload these lovely Trabant-pics from the ‘Bildergalerie’ on this site. I must confess to having a proper soft spot for crappy old cars. Another personal favourite, spotted on my travels around the wilds of Mitteleuropa (I daren’t say east any more, at least not when it comes to Polska) is the heavenlily plastic Syrena. If you’re going to make crap, at least make pretty crap. (I think Soviet town-planners should have been given this golden rule.) Actually, it’s not strictly correct to equate this type of car purely with the Eastern Bloc – although I’m sure our eastern cousins excelled in making crap just that little bit crappier – because my father had a range of British-made jalopies in the 70s (and perhaps earlier). Being a woofter, I’m going to have to do a spot of research with the hets in the family to find out exactly what they were, although I know he definitely had a couple of these, painted bright yellow, which, I think you’ll agree, are pretty god-damned gorgeous…



1. Mark Holland - September 23, 2005

I’m going to have to do a spot of research with the hets in the family to find out exactly what they were

What’s a het when it’s at home?

Talking of crappy old British bangers, this tickled me:
This is not the comedy of the Austin Maestro’s synthesised voice, or the horror of the Triumph Acclaim (or Sieg Heil, as I think it was known in Germany).

2. Broke in Berlin - September 23, 2005

Mark, a het is, boringly, a heterosexual. The Triumph Acclaim thing has got me tickled pink, I must say. Was this just a glorious coincidence, or a proper jibe at my new compatriots? Whaddaya think?

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