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Getting to know you(rself) September 22, 2005

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Why fork out for a shrink, eh, when you can get Google Ads and Amazon to tell you everything you need to know about yourself with a couple of clicks? OK, I don’t want to overly belittle the therapeutic professions, but I must say the suggestions Amazon has given me, bossily, whenever I’ve clicked onto their site for a bit of a browse have really got me thinking. OK, OK, I know it’s just some computer no doubt recommending what other folks who’ve bought the books I have have also purchased, but they seem to have got me so spot on. Google Ads works by the same principle, of course, so I am not surprised to see half the ads which go unclicked on this site are for various things somehow to do with Belarus.

But of course it can throw up the odd red herring – red being the operative word here. How comforting to know that I am advertising a temple of revolutionary miscellanea on this site. Well, these hints can tell you both who you are and who you’re not, I suppose.

I don’t know if these latest election results express something of a revival for Ostalgie but, be that as it may, the fashion for such miscellanea can only, as with all other political/philosophical has-beens, show that an idea’s time has well and truly passed. There was even talk of East Germany having a fairground made in its ‘honour’; if that ain’t a sign the past is well and truly dead, I don’t know what is. And we’ve already had an utterly unserious DDR Show on German TV, presented by Katarina Witt, the former regime’s darling, and the German equivalent of Trisha (but male, and actually rather charming). Yet I can’t bollock the 25% of Ossies who voted for the former Commies. I don’t agree with their choice, of course, and think they are mistaken, but it must show that the other parties haven’t got their messages across well enough. The Linke/PDS wouldn’t want to revive the DDR, it goes without saying, but just what aspects of the former life was it the Ossies thought they were voting for? No-one honestly believes that they can somehow turn back the clock, surely? In any case, coalition talks are getting ever meatier. I’m also not one to believe these election results show Germany in some deep crisis, at least not as regards politics. We have had democratic elections. Yes, opinions are divided, and many may think many others have made a bad choice. But a coalition will be formed (or, if the worst comes to the worst, there’ll be new elections, though I can’t imagine that will happen) and the Germans will end up with the government they ‘deserve’. The big parties having to work together would still, in my view, potentially bear most fruit, though this would leave the opposition especially emaciated. But crisis? What crisis?



1. David E. Patton - September 22, 2005

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2. BiB - October 15, 2006

OK, I’ll have a butcher’s some time.

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