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Wahlfieber September 18, 2005

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Well, it’s election day here in the Bundesrepublik and I’m half-glued to the box and have just heard the presentrix ask her erudite panellists if Germans are ripe for their own Maggie Thatcher. This election is exciting because whatever the absolute final outcome, we’re almost bound to have a new government, and it’s the various permutations of whatever coalition there’ll end up being – for there is always a coalition in Germany, and sorry to disappoint some of the majorly anti-PR crowd but they seem to work pretty damned okayly – which is the really interesting thing. The permutation that sets me all a-tingle is the grand coalition, though this easily might not come to pass. But it’s one that’s being spoken of and when things are so stagnant in Germany, I can’t help thinking this would be a not unattractive alternative, i.e. the CDU/CSU governing along with the SPD. Roughly a Tory/Labour coalition in the UK. Imagine! Anyway, if there were such a grand coaliton, obviously they’d have no trouble getting their proposals through parliament, and although there are of course differences between the large parties, economics isn’t necessarily the arena where those differences abound. If the 20% of undecided Germans happen to be reading this – I’m sure there’s a fairly good chance that’s the case – and need some last-minute advice, there’s a fun programme that helps people who are too dim to work it out for themselves decide which party is closest to their Weltanschauung. (I used it myself in the European elections, in which I was allowed to vote. I ignored the programme’s advice, by the way.) The Wahl-o-Mat (or voteometer) asks you the key questions, you give your answers and it tells you where your political heart lies. Hurry up Germans, though, you’ve only got another half-hour to go…



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