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Traffic-light coalition? September 18, 2005

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Well, it looks from the early prognoses that Gerhard might have pulled off a miracle again. Well, or rather, that a miracle might have been pulled off for him. The CDU/CSU union has won the most votes – between 36% and 37% – but even though their potential coalition partner, the FDP, has done well, with over 10% of the vote, this won’t be enough for them to form a coalition and, assuming the SPD will refuse a grand coalition (initially) so that it can try to form a government by itself, there’s the chance of a so-called traffic-light coalition (SPD (red), Greens (green) and FDP (yellow)), but one FDP pundit is saying straight away that the FDP won’t work with the SPD, so maybe we will get that grand coalition after all, as I don’t think the SPD and Greens would want to work with the Linke/PDS, the hard(ish)-left, who are the only other faction to have scored above 5% of the votes (the minimum threshold required to get seats in parliament). It’s all pretty exciting stuff. It’s an interesting sign of the times in Germany. Either this is because of personalities that Germans haven’t taken the plunge and gone more wholeheartedly for Angie (they’ve actually secured fewer votes than at the last election in 2002) – she’s a bit of a dour, sour puss – or Germans are rather scared of change. (Rather like their English cousins here. Change is effected slowly these days.) Big-winners but not king-makers are the Linke/PDS (the former Commies). Not king-makers because, at least if former words are anything to go by, no-one is likely to want to form a government with them. I wouldn’t be surprised if the FDP came round to the idea of joining a traffic-light set-up. Their leader, Westerwelle, a prissy, free-market queen, seems like a bit of a power-slut to me. He should be leaping at the chance of being foreign minister… Well, it’s taken me till the closing of the polling stations to get really involved in this election, but it’s now a pretty gripping affair.



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