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More elections September 18, 2005

Posted by BiB in Uncategorized.

The back-room deals are flying thick and fast in Germany. Gerhard is now braying triumphantly on TV as I type, prematurely, in my view. Angie looks crestfallen. Guido looks like he’s pulled the best-looking man in the club. Joschka is nowhere to be seen. The former Commies must be dusting off their Orders of Honecker to dash to the Palast der Republik for a bit of an Ossie knees-up…



1. Mark Holland - September 19, 2005


“Guido looks like he’s pulled the best-looking man in the club.”

He’d have got my vote, but not in that way!

2. lukeski - September 19, 2005

once both sides had claimed victory, the election coverage proved somewhat broing in the UK (one of the disadvantages of rolling news, I guess). The election did, however, spur BBC4 to run 2 evening of Berlin related documentaries, including the wonderful ‘Fall of the Wall’, in which Schabowski and Krenz blamed each other and the ambiguity in the freedom to travel law for the sudden rush of East Berliners to the border posts. This was followed lat night by ‘East Side Story’, all about the wonderful Stalinist musicals and the other Warsaw Pact variations on this theme – Romanian musical folk spectaculars are quite something to behold.
The most entertaining clip, however, was Mr J. Paxman trying to hold a political discussion about Reunification next to the Brandenburg Gate whilst fireworks were going off in the background.

3. Broke in Berlin - September 19, 2005

The coverage here is almost as good as a Paxo/Dimbleby all-night, croaky-voiced special. Most of the fun is the make-up of whatever coalition there’s going to be, of course. Leading the race was the Ampelkoalition (traffic-light), but, to my (linguistic) joy, I’ve just heard a Jamaikakoalition (i.e. black, green, yellow) proposed. (Dunno if the greens would come on board for that one, though.) What a shame two of the five parties are coloured red. There’d be so many other nice names we could come up with if there was only a bit more variety…

4. lukeski - September 19, 2005

your blog now has a black background. How mush translation have you done today, young man?

5. Broke in Berlin - September 19, 2005

Lukeski, black? Not blue? Or is this a coalition-colour gag that’s passed me by? (I am colour-blind, incidentally. But I can see the difference in the two shades of red sock. And I don’t confuse red and green. But I can’t drive anyway.) You’re ABSOLUTELY right that I’m doing this INSTEAD of working. I’m struggling to get excited about the corporate text I’ve got on the go at the moment, I must say. More job ideas please (remembering I am the least practical person on the planet).

6. lukeski - September 19, 2005

Maybe it’s this monitor – it looks very very very dark blue, bordering on black, which doesn’t help legibility. Jakob Nielsen has written a great deal about website usability and which colours are suitable (it’s kind of like interior design when selling a house – neutrality).

7. Broke in Berlin - September 19, 2005

Buggery flip, and there was me all satisfied with my template change. Do you mean I’ll have to change it again? It might give me BSE to have to.

8. Blonde at Heart - August 21, 2006

If parties in Germany had more colours the coalition could be termed “Bunterkoalition”?

9. BiB - August 21, 2006

Eine bunte Koalition – jawohl!

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