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Buggery September 17, 2005

Posted by BiB in Uncategorized.

…no, not in the sexy sense. Just in the bloody hell sense. I decided, bravely, to change the template of my blog – I thought that whitey/pinky background was just too wishy-washy, and why was there a statue of Peter the Great on it, anyway? – and of course I instantly lost all the links. By the time I rework out how to do it, it might be 2011. I’ll get relinking right away. Bugger. Still, I like the blue…



1. pdberger - September 17, 2005

Oh dear Dezik! Always make a copy of your code and backup your blog if possible before making drastic changes…

2. Broke in Berlin - September 17, 2005

Well, the blessing is I only lost the links, which gives me a chance now to reassess whom to bother linking to, and a few other queer things, like the google ads and the stat counter. That can all be replaced. I was warned when I was changing the template. Do you REALLY want to do this? I mean, is this the RIGHT choice for you? (I think the computer asked me questions along those lines.) I never understand computer speak so just went ahead and risked everything. Blew the lot I did. When will I learn, eh?

PS. I’d love to come to NY tomorrow, but that trip is still some way off, I fear. But when I get rich – any day now, any day now – it’s top of the destination list, right up there with a good few other fantasy holiday destinations (Melbourne, Jerusalem, Machrihanish Automatic).

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