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Lukashenka balls September 16, 2005

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This is in Russian – sorry non-russophone readers! – but hopefully the scandal of Lukashenka’s words will leap out of the screen at you. Fifteen years since the break-up of ‘my country’. Aren’t you the President of independent Belarus, spadar Lukashenka? And spare me the chuff about prosperous Yugoslavia breaking up too. Was that a CIA plot? Or vicked vyestern machinations? Немцы? Nothing to do with the Slovenes and Croats (and then the Bosnians and the Macedonians) voting IN MASSIVE MAJORITIES, as was their perfect right according to the old Yugo constitution, to secede, having got rather fed up of living in the same country as Milosevic? (I wonder if the rest of the Netherlands might secede from The Hague.) Spare us the (Orthodox) pan-Slavism, the pro-Russian deference and the neo-Soviet paranoia. Oh, and while you’re about it, do you think you might have a bash at learning your country’s other language?



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