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Lukashenka fantasy September 14, 2005

Posted by BiB in Uncategorized.

Is there any chance a Baltasar Garzón or some similar tireless character with principles of steel might call for Lukashenka’s arrest while he’s on his junket to New York? Can I order a citizen’s arrest from such a distance? Pavlik, maybe you could dash and do it for me…



1. pdberger - September 15, 2005

Sorry Dezik, I’ll be too busy swigging free drinks at the Guggenheim’s Russia! opening tonight!

2. Broke in Berlin - September 15, 2005


You’ve started quite a debate there with your Hitchens v. Galloway comments. Good for you. You are a little star. I meant to watch/listen myself, but got bogged down in translation. Maybe Hitchens just isn’t a good speaker. (I saw him doing a pre-recorded thing once for some organisation or other and he wasn’t glittering.)

I looked up the Russia exhibition after seeing it on your blog. It’s going to be amazing. Every museum in Russia must be empty. Look out for whatever Repin they have, if any (I’m sure I checked, and that they have); it might give you a little shudder of ‘home-sickness’ for Russia.

Love galore and keep up the good work!

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