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When a link just ain’t enough September 11, 2005

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A week has passed since I last bothered to put some of my wisdom-free words on here for perusal by my two readers (both of whom are known personally. Thanks boys). But there has been a bit of excitement in my blog-consciousness as not only has an old pal started up his own blog, but he has linked to me and, as if that were not enough, he has then actually gone and even mentioned this humble blog in a post. Thank you for the shameless plug. Here’s one back… OK everyone, go to the diary of disenfranchised booksellers for the hottest new thing in the blog world. (But, Lukeski, if I may say so, that Portsmouth photo was overdoing the masochism, love of concrete or no love of concrete. I think I prefer Serginho’s city, if you don’t mind awfully.)

This excitement on the blog front must be what’s stopped me blogging myself of late, and then I was actually computerless for almost 48 hours. I realise with ever more epiphanic clarity now the extent of my reliance upon my computer. I was utterly lost without it. And here I am now, Radio 4 lulling my ears with the shipping forecast (I must go to Machrihanish Automatic one day), waiting for the US Open ladies’ final to begin and avoiding the piece of work which I have now been avoiding for days.

OK, this is rambling. This is the blog equivalent of, during university days, finding ANYTHING to do – hoovering best option – rather than do some dreary piece of homework. What it does show, though, is how much I prefer writing this piffle to translating. I wouldn’t mind writing quite a lot more…



1. pdberger - September 12, 2005

Dezik, you can take it from me, writing pays even less…

2. lukeski - September 13, 2005

Nothing pays much. Unless you become a C++ programmer. Or a plumber. Or a pop star. Or a kept man. Or an investment banker. Or go on Big Brother. Or are taken hostage. Or become an organ donor. Airline pilot. Homepage usability specialist.

3. Broke in Berlin - September 13, 2005

Is a C++ programmer one who doesn’t get very good grades? What does he programme? I realise I am more and more unemployable with every passing day. I recently trawled through a job website in Berlin and the only job which looked vaguely interesting or whose title I understood was for a rabbi! Well, at the same time, I am reluctant to complain too much about my financial lot. Broke, yes, but is broke that much of a catastrophe when I can still live in a nice flat with electricity, hot water, a not scandalously empty fridge etc. etc.? I’m not one for believing we shouldn’t complain because things are even worse in Rwanda but then I can’t say my lot is too bad either. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t fancy earning quite a lot more dosh, though. (Kept man? With a Russian student in tow? I wish, I wish…)

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