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Baltic blunders September 3, 2005

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I’m only really linking to this because I can and lethargically thought I ought to add another entry to this bloody blog. (Honestly, I wish I could put as much thought into earning money.) Still, it’s vaguely amusing and rather nice to read some of the bitchy, sneering comments about modern art in this excoriation of Gateshead’s newish pride and joy. I’m all for urban renewal, and my thrifty side likes old, derelict buildings being put to good use, and then I’m sure it’s good for local spirit. I remember driving past the Angel of the North when it was relatively new and locals were so chuffed to bollocks with it, and proud of it. Maybe that’s silly, but it seemed to have made some people happy, and can’t have actually made anyone sad, so that’s a good result, in my view… So what a shame, then, that Baltic appears to be full of shit. I’ve never been to it, so don’t know what sort of experience it is, but, in its (and other potentially shit museums’) defence, I think part of the enjoyment of going to a museum is simply the being there, in a place devoted to niceness, devoid of nastiness (well, give or take the odd exhibit). So Baltic may be a bit of a financial black hole, but I’m sure Gatesheadians are glad it’s there.



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