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Cricket fever August 28, 2005

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This is really a blog entry to myself, for the first time I’ve got involved in the annual Ashes fever since Botham was at his heydey. And in cricketing mood, and just so that I can always have a link to make me laugh, here’s this audio cricketing gem. You might need to be English to appreciate it, though perhaps not. RIP Johnners.



1. lukeski - September 8, 2005

The coverage of the final test has become intolerable here – the equivalent of the annual Henmania, or the sudden fashion ofr supporting the England soccer team when they progress past the first round of a tournament. The main story on both Sky News and the Beeb this morning was not New Orleans or Yushchenko sacking his government, but the queue to get into Lords. And what is even worse is the jingoistic drunkards that have bought the tickets – I remember at time not so long ago when cricket was thankfully devoid of flag-waving, fancy dress and streakers.

2. Broke in Berlin - September 8, 2005

Lukeski, I plan to do no work today whatsoever and bombard you with electronic nuggets all day. Of course I get involved in the jingomania usually – well, at least in the case of Henman – but I agree it’s utterly ridiculous. (Still hope we beat the stinking Aussies though.)

I haven’t checked the Yushchenko story in any detail. Is this a sign of things going pear-shaped, do you think, or a necessary and not-at-all-sinister move? If we stick with the Saakashvili comparison, I think he made equally radical moves early in his tenure. I’m still hopeful when it comes to Yushchenko. I trust his credentials. I think he’s a real democrat and is/was a good economist and isn’t in the top job MERELY to cream off what he can for himself. Call me Russia-weary after all the years that country has occupied in my ‘soul’ but I think any policy that keeps Ukraine out of Russia’s ‘sphere of influence’ can only be a bloody good thing.

Now go and get another cuppa and carry on bloggin’.

3. lukeski - September 8, 2005

The Ukraine, unfortunately, seems to be panning out in a manner similar to Russia – Yushchenko allegedly trying to block a journalist investigating his son, senior politicians with a definite air of the oligarch (it is also noticeable that, despite Putin’s efforts to rid Russia of the older oligarchs, new ones seem to be springing up within his own government). I also fear that the strategic importance of the Ukraine’s position may lead to pressure from Putin – especially given his cosy relationship with your friend Lukashenka.

4. lukeski - September 10, 2005

Saved by the weather (English cricket, that is, not the Ukrainian constitution). The most enormous thunderstorm hit Finchley at 3pm today – and proceeded to sweep southwards to the Oval. More storms due tomorrow. Ingerland are saved, despite that fact the Aussie attack was/is appalling – Wanre is the only fit/decent bowler amongst them, and surely he can’t be expected to save the series – this was meant to be his swansong, after all.

5. Broke in Berlin - September 11, 2005

I like Ukraine and cricket being mentioned in the same breath. Speaking of saved by the weather, and referring to politics rather than sport, and because I live in Berlin and because we have elections here in a week’s time (which I can’t vote in), Gerhard’s bacon was literally saved by the weather last time round. In an electoral campaign not unlike this one, he was similarly well behind in the polls but then events kicked in. There were massive floods and Gerhard man-of-the-people-ish-ly dashed straight to the scene and was seen wading around, wellied up, being a мужик (or Mensch, I suppose), whereas Stoiber carried on his holiday (eating sausage and drinking beer, no doubt). Gerhard won the day, and the subsequent elections. Dunno what deus ex machina he can hope for this time.

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