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Those Germans, eh? August 22, 2005

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…coming over here and stealing our places on psychiatric wards… In a way, there’s nothing THAT interesting about the piano man and his not-that-unusual-surely story, but I, like, no doubt, millions of others, of course got vaguely into the intrigue of it all. So, it turns out he’s German. Now we Englanders are rather proud of our ability to produce eccentrics. Yet I think our German cousins are certainly pushing us for top spot. I know it’s understating things slightly to call this man’s behaviour – silent for four months – mere eccentricity, but he’s in the top flight of Germans doing the oddest of things. Sven Jaschan made something of a name for himself by inventing the horriblest computer virus yet and ruining plenty of people’s lives, if only fleetingly (although perhaps long-term, too. I usually consider suicide if my computer is broken for more than 12 seconds)… And, then, the number of extraordinary moustaches one still sees adorning German chops is another string to their eccentric bow. It makes me like them. As an Englander living amongst them, I think I rarely outeccentric them (although I must be the ONLY person in the country not receiving some kind of state benefit. Now that IS majorly odd).



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