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Third Way August 22, 2005

Posted by BiB in Uncategorized.

I haven’t really scoured this site, but it looks fairly interesting, and any initiative in Belarus that isn’t imposed top-down has got to be worth supporting. It hosts the animations that could cost the creator his liberty referred to in another post earlier today. My only quibble – although this is a personal quirk of mine – is that Belarusian isn’t one of the working languages of the site (although German and English are). I don’t think it’s being prissy or pernickety to want Belarusian. (At least it appears to flourish on the forum pages.) It is one of the two state languages, after all, and is far from dead. (I met a native-speaker this weekend, in fact. He was with another Belarusian passport-holder originally from Russia. You can guess his reaction when I asked what language they spoke to each other.) Anyway, who knows what hopes for a Third Way solution to benefit Belarus? And the fact that 46.55% of voters in the only poll I looked at said, ‘я за Лукашенко, пойду защищать его с гранатометом’ (I’m pro-Lukashenka and would defend him with a grenade-launch if need be), thus winning the day, is a bit of a worry…



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