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You callin’ my mum a slag? August 19, 2005

Posted by BiB in Uncategorized.

Au contraire… These immaculate conceptions are becoming a bit of a habit. What with cloned dogs and all sorts to keep Dolly company, we’ll soon be able to have a second Noah’s ark of purely cloned specimens, although it might give a whole new meaning to ‘the animals went in two by two, hurrah.’ Anyway, I don’t have majorly strong feelings on cloning, I have to say, though Dolly’s queer fate made rather an impression on me, and finding her photo has just brought her flooding back. The deeper question it all asks, I suppose, is not whether we should be playing god (so to speak), but is it possible to put a lid on human knowledge? I’m guessing not. It is in our nature to explore, to stretch the boundaries, and I don’t think there’s that much chance of people not experimenting with the boundaries to their intellectual abilities. Of course it is to be hoped that such knowledge can be for the good of humankind. And being a godless type, I suppose I can look upon ‘messing with nature’ in a somewhat lighter light than some. Which is why I can’t get overly excited about stem cell research – I mean overly excited in a worried way – or, even, genetically modified foods, until we know for sure that there really is a problem. If so, OK, then humans have tried and failed to improve nature. But, if their efforts are successful – I’m thinking of new rice strains being talked of today, for example – then shouldn’t this be hailed as humankind doing something good for humankind? How boring I find the ‘nature is perfect’ crowd.



1. redneckarts - February 4, 2007

I wondered, I wondered about that sheep pic. Hope you’re doing well. I’m full of a generalized urge to kill these days but I put a happy face on it. I’ll probably just move in the spring. Thanks for linking to me. Insomniac, trying to be painterly, up all night.
Nature is perfect. Sounds like a hippy gardener justifying laziness, always, to me. Yard full of weeds and a bathroom full of beauty cream. don’t start. My heart is a smoking gun etc.
Keep up the fight.

2. BiB - February 4, 2007

Yup, that’s me, Dolly the cloned sheep. I’m just a clone of every other man/person/blogger/queen. I don’t feel very original.

Where will you move to? Do you mean living where you do – I’m guessing it’s currently arctic and isolated – drives you mad? And, if so, do you want to be in the big city? My own solution is to live in the big city but to know no-one and live in the type of isolation as if living in a very remote cave (well, except for the Russian).

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