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Fan mail August 16, 2005

Posted by BiB in Uncategorized.

OK, OK, so that’s exaggerating slightly, but my one and only reader – and if I am to have a one-and-only reader, then there’s no-one I’d rather it be than Pavlik – has written to me PLEADING (more or less) with me to add a site feed to my blog. As I am the most technically illiterate person on earth, bar the wolf-boy of Mandalay, I have probably done it incorrectly (let me know, Pavvers. It took me about a year to learn how to link and to do that clever underlining thing) but, being the most deferential person on earth, instantly ready to obey any order, I have at least done it.

Actually, on the fan-mail front, and not that I’m desperate for feedback or ‘owt, I googled my blog just to see if it had made an enormous impact without my realising, and I saw that it was mentioned on some Eastern Europe blog round-up (which I’ll get round to linking to by 2009). I must say I’m a bit mystified about how the blogosphere rumour-mill works, but work somehow it must. Anyway, it was so enormously enhappying to be mentioned, and even quoted, by someone else. Hurrah. (On my same google trawl, I checked which sites were ‘most similar’ to my blog. What are the criteria for that? How does that work? It can’t be random, as you’re right up there on the list, Pavvers, but it’s another mystery, as far as I’m concerned.)



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