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Not a moan in sight June 3, 2005

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Cor blimey, what a busy month or so. And now that my spurt of busyness has come to an end, I feel at a loose end, so why not write a few words of piffle to entertain myself? I’m sure there are things I have said to myself over the last month or so that I just simply have to write about on here, but of course I can’t now remember one of them. Should I chuff on about the French non and the Dutch nee? Don’t think so. Or the British election, which already seems as if it was about twenty years ago? (Howard got it SO wrong, harping on about immigration. That’s almost the only nice thing that came out of the election, that people didn’t majorly go for that.) Or my staggeringly glamorous and interesting appearance for no-money-but-a-lot-of-stress on French TV, talking about the environment? Fuck me with a big stick but that was serious exploitation, but actually perfectly good fun. Of course the nasty old Frenchies haven’t even sent me my complimentary copy of the programme, but I don’t think I’d want to watch it anyway.

Being busy has been bliss. You won’t hear a word of moanage from me in this entry. I’m fine, and even though it’s absolutely freezing on June 3rd, all is well.

Actually, the only reason to fill something in here at all is to keep my mind very vaguely in blog-mode, although by far the greatest joy for me is reading others’ blogs. (You know who you are.) What an excellent little medium, and a surprising way of seeming to be in intimate touch with people very far away. Long may they live…



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