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In Praise of Pavlik March 11, 2005

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Yes, folks, it’s happened. That all-important first feedback, that first message, that first orgasm-inducing mail in my inbox has arrived, and from none other than the great Pavlik, writer of the best blog on the net (www.pdberger.com), (how do I create one of those clever posh links, so that rather than me writing www.pdberger.com, I can just write Pavlik’s blog and those words will nicely become underlined and will be the link themselves? I suppose I should read some bloggerhints) and possessor of just about the most charming personality known to mankind.

Anyway, not only has Pavlik read me and responded and made my year, he has also LINKED me. Which is pretty much, if my understanding is correct, the blog equivalent of an Oscar, a BAFTA and a Palme d’Or all rolled into one. I will instantly do the same for your blog, Pavlik, the second I work out how to. (What’s the etiquette? Does one just link whomsoever one wants, or does one have to ask permission?) Anyway, I said to myself – and Pavlik – that, in celebration, I would write my next entry purely in praise of Pavlik, which isn’t especially difficult as he’s such a diamond geezer and has so many praisable qualities. So keep up the wonderful work, EINY, and I look forward to reading more of your words forthwith.


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