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Praise the Lord… February 5, 2005

Posted by BiB in Uncategorized.

…it’s a miracle. As I trawled through some magazines and papers online today, hoping I might be able to get through a whole article that didn’t lump together fags and those opposed to freedom of speech – I don’t think I did – I came across http://www.secularism.org.uk/. Hurrah! Such a relief to see atheists and secularists in a positive light. No mention of ‘self-loathing,’ no mention of ‘leftist,’ ‘feminist,’ ‘pro-gay’ or any such other sneering epithet.

Has it become the height of wishy-washiness to still respect other people’s views? Yes, so I am a terrible atheist homosexual. And yet I have more and more ‘respect’ for religion. People’s faith is fascinating, but not something to be put beyond criticism. Good for you, religious folk, that you have faith and are helped in whatever way by your religion in your day-to-day lives, but that should not mean that others are unable to criticise religion and the religious. I am as worried as the next man by the legislation being talked of now in the UK. The book-burners and theatre-besiegers are the ones who should be sneered at.



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