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More on atheist morality September 11, 2004

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My god – ho ho – these non-atheist moralising types are driving me mad. When will it be understood that atheists can be completely moral too, and, on the other side of the coin, that believers can be completely amoral? In this week’s Spectator (www.spectator.co.uk), a liberal vicar is spouting on about where does the ‘should’ come in in morality if not for god? But why should there be a should? I know I may be contradicting myself slightly in what I said last time on the subject, in the why-should-I-bother-being-moral? sense. But the arrogance of those telling me that I can’t be moral without god has made me worry less.

Believers, good for you. I envy you even, on occasion, your faith. But a lack of belief does not equal a lack of morality, or a lack of goodness. Goodness is cultural, and pragmatic. Nature is not inherently good. Children are not less ‘wicked’ than adults.



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