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I admit it May 20, 2004

Posted by BiB in Uncategorized.

This is already turning into a thankless task. And yet it’s strangely appealing. But, on just day two of my diary-dogging, I’m already frantically awaiting some sort of reaction. And yet none comes. Will it ever? Is anybody out there? I check my profile almost constantly, expectantly looking for how many people have looked at it. So far, the grand total is 4, but could that just be the four times I’ve clicked on it myself? Oh, the humiliation!

In any case, even if I am communicating with precisely no-one, you huddled masses of non-existing folk, may I let you know that you have already replaced my slightly less virtual, though equally distant ‘real’ contacts, and I haven’t written an e-mail (or – horrors – made a phone call) since this blog was established. Which must be some reflection on the real people I DO occasionally – oh so occasionally – have real contact with. Oh, the life of an exile!



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